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Ramona Zamora

Veterinary Assitant

Ramona is one of our Veterinary Assistants and is studying to become a Veterinarian. She joined the Prestige Animal Hospital family back in November 2012. She began as a volunteer and after 6 months of hard work, determination, and training she became an official member of Prestige Animal Hospital team. Her positive attitude and love for all pets shows, and we are very excited to have her as part of our family. Ramona has a darling little Yorkshire terrier named Muffins that she loves and... Read Full Bio »

Emily Ruiz

Veterinary Assistant

Emily is one of our Veterinary Assistants here at Prestige Animal Hospital. She has been in the veterinary field since 2008. Emily enjoys spending time with her three kids and husband, Josh. She is a proud mom of 3 dogs and 3 cats. Emily enjoys her free time helping on her son’s t-ball team The Cubs. She has very crafty hobbies, which include crocheting, knitting, and she spins her own yarn.

Ana Fernandez

Client Service Representative, Director of Administration

Ana joined the Prestige Animal Hospital family in Spring 2013 as a Client Service Representative. Her passion for animals began at a very young age. Horses and dogs have always been part of her life. She currently has four horses and two dogs named Bonnie a Great Dane and Baloo an Australian Cattle Dog mix. She finds it satisfying to be able to provide support, mentoring and guidance to clients with their pet’s health. Bonding with clients is an important role for her but especially with the... Read Full Bio »

Nayelly Castro

Veterinary Assistant

Nayelly has always had a passion for animals and loves bonding with both clients and their pets. At the age of 16, she volunteered as a surgical recovery assistant at her local humane society for about a year. From there on she knew where she belonged, and pursued her career in the field of veterinary medicine. She is working on completing her Registered Veterinary Technician License and pursuing to further her education. She currently has three dogs or likes to call them, “fur babies”, and... Read Full Bio »

Rosie Melgoza

Client Service Representative

Rosie is a recent graduate of Cal State San Bernardino she received her Bachelor in Liberal Studies. She works part time at Presitge Animal Hospital . Rosie's favorite foods are Sushi and Pho. Rosie enjoys spending time with her dog Daisy, a beautiful Boxer . When Daisy is not taking up Rosie's time she spends her time hiking, going to the beach and being physically active. Rosie has always had a passion for animals especially dogs before working at Prestige Animal Hospital she would... Read Full Bio »

Andrea Castellanos

Veterinary Assistant

Andrea has loved animals since she was a little girl. She has had dogs, chickens, bunnies, birds and so on. She currently only owns one dog, Coco, who she loves and spoils very much. Andrea enjoys going to the beach, playing video games, and spending time with her family and friends.

Marrisa Trevino

Kennel Attendant

Marrisa has loved animals her entire life and has had a multitude of pets while growing up, including fish, bunnies, dogs, cats, and guinea pigs. Currently, she has 4 dogs. She enjoys helping animals out to the best of her ability which she only hopes to improve as her experience expands. In the not too distant future, I plan to become a veterinarian. Until then, she looks forward to always doing the best she can in every aspect and area possible.

Patricia Jordan

Client Service Representative

Patricia was born and raised on the beautiful island of Hawaii where she lived for majority of her life before moving to her new home in California. She has one dog, named Dog. Yes, that's really his name. Her free time is spent watching foreign television, writing and playing video games. Currently she has an Annual Pass for Disneyland and made it her goal to visit the parks every week.

Lauren Griffin, Bachelor of Biology

Hospital Manager

Lauren is a veterinary assistant and has been with us since we opened in May 2012. She is very excited to finally have a veterinarian locally that is able to help heal pets. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and is working on becoming a registered veterinary technician. Before joining the PAH family, she worked at another veterinary hospital for 6 years where she had the opportunity to work with Dr. Wahla. Lauren has three dogs of her own that she has rescued throughout her years of... Read Full Bio »

Valeria Fernandez

Veterinary Assistant

Valeria works as a veterinary assistants here at Prestige. She has always loved animals since she could remember, having four horses and two dogs; Bonnie and Baloo. Valeria enjoys cooking a variety of foods and loves traveling with her husband whenever she gets the opportunity. Valeria enjoys helping animals, and making sure they live a happy healthy life; she states, “The feeling I get once I have helped out an animal and knowing its life is going to be better is so satisfying.”