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  • This place was so helpful, with the pandemic going on and everyone doing appointments only. They were able to squeeze me in to mico my new baby pup.

    Anthony H

  • My Beloved cat flower lived a full and happy life of almost 19 years ,the last year was hard for her as well as for myself and my companion, she found out through blood tests that her thyroid was not working well and was not producing enough , and she was constantly hungry ,she was eating 4 cans of cat food per day and skinny as a rail ,we were worried that this summers heat would be her last, we consulted prestige animal hospital , on her quality of life and helped us with the hard and tearful decision to end her pain and suffering, the staff was so empathetic and gave us all the time we needed , i was able to keep my promise to her that when the time came she would pass in my arms , a part of me went with her as she was my best friend, a week later we received a card from prestige signed by the vet,and staff with heart felt sympathy from each member of the staff for our loss, that action right there shows how much they care and dedication they have for our 4 legged family members as well as their human moms&dads ! They get 5 stars from us ! Thank you all staff at prestige animal hospital Mary Grady & Floyd Gross

    Billy Gross

  • 4.5 Google Rating

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