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Cat Anesthesia

Cat Anesthesia

Cat anesthesia may be necessary when a procedure such as dentistry, surgery, and some diagnostic imaging is performed.  Attempting procedures without anesthesia can be dangerous to both the animal and the vet. Any movement could mean harm to your cat. We want you to feel absolutely comfortable with our hospital, staff and anytime a cat sedative is being recommended. Our trained veterinary staff is here to answer any questions and provide any assistance that will make the procedure easier for you and your cat.

Risks with Pet Anesthesia

There are always risks when using an anesthetic, but the risks are very low thanks to the experienced veterinary team here at Prestige Animal Hospital. However, with proper care and supervision, there are virtually no risks of complications due to the use of a cat sedative in a healthy patient. In addition, the risks are outweighed by the fact that this makes all procedures safer and allows us to provide your pet the highest quality veterinary care. We ensure the risks are minimized by performing careful and consistent monitoring the entire time your cat is under anesthesia.

What To Expect After Anesthesia

The veterinary team at Prestige Animal Hospital will continue to monitor your cat’s vital signs as it comes out of surgery. Advances in the latest anesthetics mean that for most normal procedures, your pet can go home on the very same day. They may be groggy, but their behavior should return to normal the next day.

Our staff will talk to you about your cat’s pain management plan. Your cat may need pain medication and you will receive specific aftercare instructions before your cat is released. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We want both you and your pet to be comfortable.