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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Prestige Animal Hospital exists to enhance our community by continually educating our clients and working with them to help us improve the quality of their pet’s lives. We add value to the lives of our clients by improving the quality of the lives of their pets. We are the voice of our patients and the communication line to our clients.

Our Commitment

Our clinic will provide an environment of trust, kindness, compassion, professionalism, values and care to all pets, clients and staff. We will approach every pet with the same care that we would want for our own pets. Our clients will be able to feel the warm, caring environment we have created the minute they walk in the door. We will always have the pets’ best interests in the forefront of our medicine. We will work with our clients to create the best quality care for their pets as possible. Every visit will be treated with excellent service, quality medicine and the utmost care.

Hospital Vision

Prestige Animal Hospital exists to provide the highest quality veterinary care, grooming and boarding services in Fontana and the surrounding cities. We do this while maintaining a palpable positive and caring environment for our clients. We work as partners with our clients in achieving the best life possible for their pets. Our facility will be clean and organized at all times. Just like our pets are a part of our family, the same holds true for our clients. The same way we want care for our loved ones, is how we want to care for our client’s pets. Our clients trust us because of our knowledge, skills, professionalism and our genuine care for pets and people. We treat each pet as if they were our own. We will improve people’s lives by enhancing pets lives and helping nourish the bond between human and pets. We act as the advocate for pets to help improve their lives. We do this to be the voice they do not have. We do this by thorough examinations, professional recommendations and clear explanations of these recommendations to our clients. We would not be here if it were not for the clients and pets. We must respect this. We treat people with respect and like family. We treat pets as if they were our own. We always try to appreciate clients, have fun with them, welcome them, thank them for choosing us as their vet. We aim to have clients leave willing to refer us their friends and family. They are the reason we can be here and do what we do daily. We are different than all clinics around. We are unique. We will grow, create an environment that is fun to be at and help nourish those who want to be here. We always have a positive energy in our clinic and we strive to be the place people want to take their pets and where people want to work.

Our Values

We have a core set of 18 values we expect all team members to have. In hiring we look for individuals that match our values. We have a team of individuals that also have these same core values. Individuals without these values or with conflicting values are not a good fit for our team. This is critical to our success in providing the highest quality patient care and customer service.

• Self-Responsibility
• Integrity
• Service
• Honesty
• Planning
• Professionalism
• Teamwork
• Reliability
• Initiative
• Respect
• Ambition
• Self-Discipline
• Empathy
• Transparency
• Compassion
• Care
• Competence
• Gratitude