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Veterinarians arrive at 9 am for appts & walk-ins
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Veterinarians arrive at 9 am for appts & walk-ins
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Resource Articles

Cardiology - Heart Failure

In healthy animals, as in healthy people, a normally functioning heart distributes blood continuously and evenly throughout the circulation to supply all the organs and tissues. However, some animals may develop heart disease, which compromises the circulation.

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Cardiology - Boxer Cardiomyopathy

Boxer cardiomyopathy is a heart disease that affects the heart muscle tissue of some dogs of the boxer breed. Although boxers can begin to show outward symptoms (clinical signs) of this disease at any age, it is usually diagnosed in adult dogs.

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Behavior - Submissive Urination

Some puppies and dogs will urinate when they are frightened, insecure, or even when you greet them, pet them, or pick them up. This is not really a housebreaking problem.

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Behavior - Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety is a behavior problem commonly seen in puppies and adults from shelters or rescue groups, and can also show up in adult dogs that suddenly have to deal with schedule changes such that they are spending time alone when in the past there may have been someone home.  What are

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Behavior - Puppy Aggression

A puppy’s chances of developing aggressive behavior depend both on genetics and on how people handle their puppies. Much of dog behavior is genetically based and will not be overcome by training. Training has great power to change a dog, though.

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Behavior - Jumping Up On People

How many dogs have been relegated to back-yard living because they jump all over family and guests whenever anyone walks through the door? Then when someone goes out to visit the lonesome dog, the jumping is worse because the dog is even more excited to see someone.

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Behavior - Food Guarding


Guarding food or toys from other animals is a normal canine behavior. In a wild pack, dogs guard food in order to eat it and survive, rather than starve to death. 

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